Prakash Pawar

Founder, The Venice Technologies

Prakash Pawar is a software developer with a wealth of experience in the industry. He first began his career in 2018, working as a developer for various companies. Throughout this time, Prakash was dedicated to learning and growing as a professional, taking on new responsibilities and expanding his skill set.

One of the key areas that Prakash became interested in was the business side of software development. He learned how to handle the responsibilities of managing projects, communicating with clients, and leading teams of developers. With this knowledge and experience, Prakash felt ready to take the next step in his career and start his own business.

In June 2022, Prakash founded Thevenice Technologies, a small business that provides a variety of services to clients, including design, development, SEO, marketing, and software maintenance. Despite the challenges of starting a new business, Prakash worked hard to establish Thevenice Technologies and make it a success.

Since June 2022, Thevenice Technologies has successfully completed more than 15+ projects, and it continues to grow and expand its services. Prakash’s hard work and dedication paid off as he received a good reputation and have a good client base in the industry.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Prakash decided to start another venture which is Media & News firm “Shubh Laabh News”. According to Shubh Laabh News’s team “Shubh Laabh News Media is still in the initial stage and Prakash is trying to make it as a center of feel good/happy place to read trending news.” Prakash’s goal is to build a media platform that is a happy place for people to read about trending news. Prakash continues to work hard and is determined to make Shubh Laabh News a success.

Prakash Pawar is a dedicated and hardworking individual who is constantly striving to improve and achieve new goals. His experience and entrepreneurial spirit have led to the success of Thevenice Technologies and now he is working to make the same happen with his new venture Shubh Laabh News.

“The traits that are most necessary to succeed as a startup founder are Curiosity, Grit, Gratitude, Hunger, Self Control, Zest, Social Intelligence, Optimism, and my Personal Favourite Ability to Learn.” - Prakash Pawar

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