How programming Language Works in less than 2mins

Hey, I am Prakash Pawar and today I will try to explain to you how Programming Language works inside the computers.

The computer only understands instructions in Machine Language Code.

code success visual representation

But there is a catch that it’s harder to write programs in Machine Language code.
So we have to write programs in Higher level languages like Java, C++, Ecmascript, Python and more.
The program written in a Higher level language is called Source Code.
But we cannot execute this Source Code directly on the computer.

error visual representation

So we have to convert it into Machine Language Code.
We need some special translators which are programs basically written in Machine Language Code.
And these translators are called Language Processors.

There are 3 types of Language Processors.


It is used for Higher Level Language.
It reads and executes the whole program at once and then throws errors if any occur.
Higher Level Language which uses compilers is C, C++, C#, Pascal, Java and more.


It is used for Assembly Level Language(Mnemonic codes).
It reads Assembly Level Language instructions from a given input.


It is used for Higher Level Language.
It reads and executes source code line by line and throws errors after every line if any occurs.
Higher Level Language which uses interpreter as Ecmascript, VB Script, Python, Perl and more.

Here I created a FlowChart to understand the process:
(Below in image, Yellow is Compiler, Blue is Assembler, Green is Interpreter)

flow chart of code processing

That’s it now you know what’s going on inside the machine with your code. If you liked this article let me know via comments and you can retweet. You can also read this on Medium.

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